• Ancient Arts was founded within the Renaissance Fair Circuit in 1987. Many of the current

    “Big Ten” Festivals had not yet been founded, but our first one was Georgia and North

    Carolina. Our mission then was to provide high quality, custom made, original and historically

    accurate reproductions to the re-enactment enthusiasts and professional clothiers within the U.S. Renaissance circuit.

    Owner/Artist, Marietta Marcin started the company after first traveling the art fair circuits with her

    Wildlife and Endangered Species jewelry & sculpture creations, then adapting towards fantasy,

    Celtic and ancient scientific instruments of the 1500’s when she designed and traveled for

    Honourable Company of Metalsmiths out of California. By 1989, when they expanded in different directions, and separated amicably, Ancient Arts was represented in 7 states (we added Ohio and

    Arizona, both brand new that year) to our circuit. We also added Exotic Earwear, Celtic and Pre-

    Christian Artifacts, Figurines and Hardware items to the line-up of products, with books and divination tools to support the use and

    enjoyment of the Jewelry.

    Now that we have survived a new millenium, Ren Fairs, Goth & Re-enactments have endured

    the “just a phase” stage in most people’s lives, we have merged with The Dirk & Thistle Pewter

    Company, to add 400 more spin molds of design styles, tools and creations from other historic

    genres, including “Black Powder” Pioneers, Puritan Plymouth and Military gear from Civil War

    back to Ancient Highland Regiments.

    We offer our creations in a broad spectrum of metals, and Marietta is still available to create

    maquettes, molds, and other custom stylings from your historic research or your wild imaginings.